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Futsal skills help develop a players touch, movement, speed of thought and technique which easily translates to when they play regular field soccer. Because they are conditioned to play constantly under pressure, players don’t panic in tight game situations and their passes are fast and accurate, their ball control is instant. So when they play on regular size fields, they have more time and space, everything slows down except for their quick thinking and movement which gives them an advantage to succeed.

This unique program focuses on ball mastery, advanced footwork and technical skills. By integrating the dynamics of street soccer and futsal, players will learn innovative techniques to give them the confidence to take on any opponent 1v1.

Futssal Skills Clinic

Who doesn’t want to fake your opponent with a mind-numbing move!
Learn some great moves in our Futsal Skills Clinic.

Learn the Key Skills and Attributes Required for Success at Futsal

– Ball Touch. Although ‘touch’ is a relatively broad term, it is most often used to describe the technique involved in controlling and retaining possession of the ball
– Decision making. Players generally have very little time on the ball during a futsal match
– Dribbling
– Short passing
– Creativity