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In the Beginning…


There was a big building with a lot of ‘stuff’ in it. In fact, the whole building was ‘stuffed’ to the ceiling with stuff. We are not kidding you. Check out the following pics to see how much we had to clean out before we could begin the process of transforming the space. Admittedly, this was probably one of the most difficult times during the renovation because no matter how much we were demolishing, gutting, throwing out or cleaning, it just seemed as though we weren’t making a dent. It was hard to tell if we were making progress because there was literally still a mountain of work in the next room and the room after that and so on.

We eventually got to a point where spaces were starting to clear enough that we could finally envision bringing to life our architectural drawings and plans. Check out some of these before pictures from our early demo days. More to come so please stay tuned.

~ EV Team

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