For Youth Players

Tournaments, Leagues, and
Pick-Up Games

Youth Pick-Up Games

Every Friday
• 5:00 pm  and 6:30 pm (ages 6-9 year olds)
• 6:30-8:30 (ages 10-13 year olds) 

Players will grouped by age: 2 different playing surfaces, indoor and outdoor
• Players must be accompanied by an adult.
• Players will be placed into co-ed teams grouped by age.
• 90+ minutes of pickup games
• Futsal rules
• Cost: $12 per player (must prepay to guarantee your spot)

No cleats allowed.


Next tournament coming soon!

  • Age brackets 2015 – 2006
  • Co-ed teams welcome
  • $100 per team
  • $250 gift certificate for each winning team

Youth tournaments

Evolve Intercity Youth Tournament

TO REGISTER: Please download and complete the Team Registration Form and send it to

PLAYER WAIVER FORM: All players must submit an Evolve Digital Waiver signed by a parent or guardian for all players.

QUESTIONS: If you have questions about the tournament, please CONTACT US BELOW.

Youth tournaments

Evolve 1v1 PANNA Tournament

A panna match lasts minimum 3 minutes. The player with the most goals after 3 minutes wins.
Panna = Knock Out! When the ball is outside the court the game clock is stopped. The ball cannot hit the boarding as the last thing before entering the goal. A panna game is started by having two players standing back to back in the middle of the court with a ball in between them. When the official starts the game, the players can turn and fight for possession. Players are expected to shake hands (or something similar) in sign of respect before a game is started. There is NO discussion allowed. The officials always have the final say.
Little fault = ball for opponent
With some hard faults the player will get 2 warnings from the officials. After 2 faults every subsequent fault result in a goal for the opponent. Timidity, playing inactively and stalling the game is not allowed. Timidity includes playing mainly with the back to the opponent and/or persistently keeping the ball away from the opponent in a no- technical way without trying to score or faking the opponent out. The officials shall enforce upon any type of unfair play. Officials can choose in any point of the game to disqualify a plyer in extreme cases such as violence, spitting or continuous disrespect of the officials.

A panna is when the ball is played in between the opponent’s legs.
Panna means: Knock Out! You cannot make a panna unless you have ball possession to begin with. You do not need to retrieve the ball after making a panna. A panna must be intentional; the official assigned to a game always has the final call. You cannot make a panna unless you have ball possession to begin with. You do not need to retrieve the ball after making a panna. It is not a panna if the ball hits the boarding as the last thing before going through the legs of the opponent. It is not a panna if the ball is poked through after it has been caught and locked between the legs of the opponent.

Officials can stop the game at any time and review a situation on video as longs as it is the official feed, they are making decisions on.
Only the officials are allowed to review the situation on video, so we ensure they are not biased by the crowd.

Point system
– Win 3 points
– Draw 1 point
– Loss 0 points
If a game in the knockout stage is tied it transfers to overtime. Overtime lasts maximum of 1 minute and there are 3 ways to win:

Panna Knock Out
First player up by 2 goals within overtime. Player with the most goals after finished overtime. If the score is still tied after overtime the game transfers into sudden death where the next goal or panna wins.
In the Sudden death, the players go back-2-back again.

Youth Futsal League

Compete in the ONLY official US Youth Futsal competitive futsal league for the Los Angeles area.

League Details:

– League designed specifically for COMPETITIVE LEVEL TEAMS.
– Teams Guaranteed 7 games; 1 game per week
– 2 x 20 minute halves plus a short halftime
– PLAY OFFS for top 4 teams and CHAMPIONSHIP GAME for the top 2 teams.
– Winners receive medals and prizes
– Register a TEAM or as an INDIVIDUAL
– All players required to have OFFICIAL PLAYER PASSES.