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Take the 30,000 Touch Challenge

You’ve got plenty of time to take the 30,000 touch challenge!  Playing  FIFA 20 all day is getting kind of boring, so let’s get moving.  Evolve Soccer LA challenges all of you to see how many touches you can get in your time off.  And you don’t even need a lot of room!

The Challenge

For 30 days, take a soccer ball and you have to get at least 1000 touches a day as fast as you can. It could be cut-backs, bells, step-overs, drag-backs, V-s, Cruyffs, anything that you can come up with.  Do this for 30 straight days and you will have 30,000 touches.

(See video below for some ideas)

Use #evolvechallenge on Instagram and show us your stuff!  We will repost the most creative moves on Evolve’s main Instagram page. And we’ll tag and shout out all those who complete the 30,000 touch challenge!

The only requirements are:

  • Follow #evolvesoccerla and tag 2 friends
  • Tag your  post with #evolvechallenge
  • Be creative in your posts!
  • Do the moves as quick as you can. If you mess up, get the ball back, and keep going.
  • Change up the move every 50 touches. (although you can do 50 with the left foot and 50 right foot!) OR just do 100 touches at a time as fast as you can (such as in the Instagram example below) and then take a 30 second break, and do 10 times.
  • Take a 30 second break in between each set.
  • You don’t need to send us all the touches in your posts.

You can use a wall, use cones, as long as you use your feet. The time will pass in no time and you’ll be getting better every day. After a week, time yourself to do all the moves and then see if you can beat your time.