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Get Your Kicks at 2019 Summer Soccer Camps

How many times has your kid said there’s nothing to do? Evolve Soccer LA has the perfect answer for you with 2019 summer soccer camps, age-appropriate classes, and pick-up games!

What child doesn’t love to run and kick a ball around? There are plenty of soccer camps in Los Angeles area offering the world cup to your child. Some camps have high quality training. Yet there are too many where you can spend a lot of money to train like Ronaldo when in reality, you’re spending a lot of money for babysitting with a soccer ball and a t-shirt with a nifty camp logo.

Summer Soccer CampsEvolve Soccer LA is quite unique. Our state-of-the-art facility is based right in your neighborhood backyard. Evolve has ongoing training all year long, and in addition, we offer a variety of special summer activities to keep you AND your son or daughter happy all summer long. Our classes and camps are set up to cater to players at different development levels, from the first time player to the advanced player. We even have adult pick-up classes and pick up games for those who might need to take an extra breath or two during games.

One of our exciting new training tools the players love at our camps is the high-tech TOCA machine which gives precision-like delivery so players can get repetitive high-quality touches on the ball.
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Current Summer Soccer Camps

Our dynamic camp program blends all the elements from our academy training into a session of skills development and FUN. Daily activities include: Foot skills technique, TOCA Training, Shooting and finishing, Futsal, Street Soccer, soccer tennis, crossbar challenges, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and fast-paced scrimmages.

To mix up the fun we also offer a variety of recreational games such as ping pong, pool, badminton, board games and more.
Come train with us rain or shine!

Camps fill up quickly, so sign up for our summer soccer camps today!

Progressive Soccer Classes

Evolve has developed a system of progressive soccer classes that guide players along the way from beginning toddlers to advanced players.

Summer Soccer CampsLil’ Ballers (3-5 year olds)
Friday, 4-5pm
This program is ideal to teach young players about the soccer basics for kids aged 3-5. This will help develop coordination, balance, teamwork. Each class is 60 minutes of fun!
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Foundation Class (Beginners, 6-9 year old)
Mondays (5-6pm)
We teach the fundamentals of soccer — Ball control, dribbling, passing, first touch and shooting.
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Foundation Plus (10-15 year old, intermediate player)
Monday (6:15-8pm)
We teach technical skills to give players confidence on the field. 1v1 fakes and feints, dribbling, turning, crossing and finishing and decision-making skills that are needed to be successful on the field.
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Advanced Skills Development Class (for Teens)
Wednesdays (6-7:30pm)
These classes are a much higher advanced level of soccer training and clinics for the serious soccer player. Our clinics will help fine-tune your skills using ball mastery, footwork technique, shooting drills, TOCA training, conditioning, strength, agility and more — ideal for 10-16 yrs.
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Adult Soccer Training
Thursdays (8:15-9:30pm)
You are never too old for soccer! Our classes are a lot of fun and a great workout. Classes are co-ed and all adult ages are welcome.
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Pick-Up Summer  Soccer Games

Summer Soccer CampsLooking for some soccer action?
No pressure. All fun!

Youth Pick-up Games (Ages 7-11)
Saturdays (9-10:30am)
Starts June 29th
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Teen Pick-up Games (Ages 12-15)
Wednesdays (6-8pm)
Starts June 26th
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Adult Pick-up Games   (Ages 16+ up)
Mondays & Wednesdays (8-10pm)
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All pick-up games are co-ed games open to players of all skill levels. Games are $11 to play. Space is limited so online reservations are advised. Sign up to Pick up games HERE

Evolve has Private and Team Training too!

If this is not enough, besides the 2019 Summer Soccer camps and ongoing skills classes, Evolve also offers private and team training sessions. Contact us at 213-246-2200 x101 or email for more details.

EVOLVE PITCH UPDATE: Look for updates on the progress of our new turf pitch outside, as well as the transformation of our indoor court into a true futsal arena!